World's first Virtual AI Doctor

World's first Virtual AI Doctor

The twenty-first century is characterized by some of the most transformational developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), with which the advancement in time have now made their place even in the Healthcare Industry. The recent medical emergencies such as the Covid 19, faced by the world have just highlighted the importance and benefits of cutting edge technology in the medical field. The introduction of AI based Talkbots in the field can now help the Healthcare sector in educating patients and scaling medical knowledge sharing.

The Problem

The team at Jeevam needed a solution to engage their 10k+ user community and generate more leads from the website.

The Solution

After getting to know about the Person8 visual talkbots, the team felt that the bot would be a great way to connect their brand with new users and the existing community.

The Jeevam Health team worked with Person8.ai team to come up with World’s first Digital Human Thyroid Doctor. They built a knowledge repository known as the “Thyroid Library” to share with the patients the symptoms, best practices, diet, supplementation and a lot of more information. During their interaction with the Bot the patients also get an option to schedule a call with Jeevam's team of doctors, attend webinars and options to check out different relevant healthcare products on Jeevam's online store.


The Digital Human Doctor led to high volume of user interactions post deployment. The website receives an average traffic of 1000+ visitors monthly (Based on public data of the relevant months from neilpatel.com). Analyzing the data of the first 60 days after the deployment of Person8.ai bot it was observed that:

  1. 510+ unique users interacted with the Digital Doctor
  2. 81 new leads generated automatically
  3. 230 users visited the digital thyroid library
  4. 48 users checked out Patient Success Stories
  5. 42 users registered for webinar
  6. 31 users watched on-demand webinar
  7. The existing community engaged actively with the bot, especially the thyroid library.
“As per the Jeevam team, they see great potential in future for building a dialogue with their users through Person8 visual talkbots and continue to work with the Person8 team to integrate the solution further within their upcoming applications.”

Comparative analysis of Person8 with other tools used by Jeevam

Jeevam Health introduced the Digital Human Doctor in December 2021. It was observed that, on an average 255 people replied to the Person8 Talkbot per month with approximately 25.5% reply rate which is drastically high when we compare it to reply rate observed with Intercom Chatbot where only 3% (average of 20 people replied per month). The above statistics were calculated based on the monthly traffic estimate from Semrush and the data from the two bot platforms.

This shows that the patients interacted much more with Person8 Talkbot compared with a Chatbot.

Another published research shows that Users prefer Visual Communication over Text based Communication. Research published in the Chatbots magazine in 2018, showed that 43% respondents abandoned chatbots due to an in-human experience.

Social Impact of using Digital Medical Expert.

  • One of the biggest benefits of using The Digital Thyroid doctor is that it will highly improve the ability to store and retrieve data related to the medical history of the patients.Since more than 75% of people suffering from or detected with thyroid have a family or personal history of thyroid disease, Goiter or other auto-immune disease, it becomes very important to keep a proper record of the patients’ medical history.This problem can be solved by the use of Digital Thyroid Doctor which enables us to retrieve and share patients data.There has been an elimination of the risk of losing past records and the medical history can be made available quickly and with minimum efforts.
  • Using the Digital Thyroid Doctor will also reduce the need of the patient to physically visit the doctor. Post the COVID-19 we have seen an increasing tendency of people to avoid going to congested places specially places where the chances of the virus being present is high, like hospitals and clinics. The Digital Thyroid Doctor with the vast knowledge repository and other features helps the patients to keep a check on their thyroid without having to physically visit the doctor.
  • Using the Digital Thyroid Doctor can also solve the problem for people living in far off areas where it is difficult to reach qualified doctors.They can now keep a regular check on their thyroid and can take proactive measures to keep their thyroid in check.
  • Using Digital Thyroid Doctor will also allow people to increase general medical awareness with respect to thyroid and they can act promptly if they come across any symptom of thyroid.
Future Applications
  • The Digital Thyroid Doctor can be used in the future by hospitals and doctors alike to treat and educate their patients about the various precautions that they can take in order to keep themselves healthy.
  • The digital doctor can also be fed with information and knowledge about other medical problems and thus help in curing diseases.
  • The Digital Doctor can also be used in future to eliminate human negligence and hence prevent medical problems arising as a result of human error.
  • It can help provide better healthcare in remote regions where there is a scarcity of doctors or the accessibility is low.
  • The Digital Doctor can be operated in multiple languages to remove the language barriers or constraints that might be faced by the customers.
  • The AI can also be used by various NGOs and Government agencies that are involved Healthcare sector and can be used to spread awareness about the various healthcare initiatives that are introduced by Government.
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