Our Story

Person8 AI was founded in 2021 by a team of ISRO, IIT Roorkee and BITS Pilani alumni. Person8 happened while the founders were pursuing research in Artificial Intelligence, from their work station in the Himalayas. Having built more than 7 software products with an annual user base of 1 Million+, across different domains and with a strong research background in AI, the founders wanted to build something that has the potential to touch every human being. This is how, the journey started.

Why we created Person8?

Person8 comes from the english words 'Personate' and 'Personify'.
Personify means 'To give human characteristics to something non-human'. With the purpose to bridge the gap between humans and digital interfaces, Person8 was created to humanize the communication between the two.

The research on Person8 started when the founders realized this gap, that they personally experienced on multiple occasions, during digital interactions. The result was World's 1st no-code TalkBot builder with Digital Humans.

Meet our team members

Balancing research, engineering and entrepreneurial experience

Sophie Moore
ISRO, Fynd (Reliance), BITS Pilani
Sophie Moore

Akshay Sharma

Scikey, Sears, IIT Roorkee